Swimming Lessons

Guaranteed Programs

All Swimin12 Guaranteed Modules are taught & charged on a guaranteed basis, where we charge a 1-time fee & committed to teaching you until you achieved the skills set, regardless of hours needed (limited to 1 year). So you'll have peace of mind learning with no pressure. The duration may vary depending on your learning speed. Average Completion time: 3 - 10 months.  Available for 7 -55 Years old.
*Excludes RM12 pool entrance fee.
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Monthly Program & Young Kid Program

Our Monthly Program is designed mainly for kids  4-6 years old, who are too young for our guaranteed program but would like to get a head start! This program focuses on building coordination, attention span, adaptability, great moral values, etc while attaining some swimming skills. This program is available for adults too!
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Inclusion Program

Over the years we have developed an adaptive program for our special needs students: Asperger's, Autistic, ADHD, and many more. We personalized our lessons for them focusing not only on rushing to attain swimming skills but we aim to achieve more by refining their motor skills, improve the child's attention span, interacting with other students & coaches, enhancing their social, emotional & vocational development. 
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Crash Course & Pay Per Lesson

Our Crash Course and Pay Per Lesson are designed for customers with specific requirements, whether to learn specific skills or have certain issues to be resolved. This program focuses on addressing your concern and get you to learn within a short period of time!
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Competitive & Pre-competitive

Our competitive program as known as Evo is lead by Coach Bego the first Malaysian swimmer to compete in three different events at a single Olympic Games and also one of the best swimmers in Malaysia. Students who are learning in our competitive program are required to be tested and screened by our coaches. Students learn how to swim quicker, efficiently and unleash their potential.
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