Swim in 12 Hours

Crash Course

Our Crash Course and Pay-Per-Lesson Program are designed for customers with a specific requirement to fulfill in a short period of time. From learning a particular skill to improving a certain technique, we’re ever-ready to assist.

You can either learn 1-1 or in a group with a maximum of 4 students. Specially designed for people who want to learn with friends or family of the same age group and ability.
Highly Experienced Coaches
Only Senior and Master Coaches with more than 3 years of teaching experience are allowed to teach these specific programs.
Learn to Swim While on a Holiday
Looking to learn swimming during your holidays in Malaysia? Learn to swim in 12 hours with us! Many tourists recommend us because of our superb facilities and ease of convenience here.
Rushing for Time?
Rushing for a Diving/ Scuba/ Underwater photography or Island trip, you name it - we will get the crash course job done intensively in a short time!

Crash Course Fee (Senior Coach)

1 Class
As low as RM190
10 Classes
As low as RM1600

Crash Course Fee

1 Class (Master)
As low as RM260
1 Class (Director)
As low as RM350
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