Darshini has been teaching children with Special Needs for the past 10 years and specialises in Social, Emotional and Mental health. She is a Certified Autistic Specialist trained to teach children with Special Needs to swim and overcome their fear of water.

Swimming is for Everyone.

Inclusion Swim Program

Over the year, we have developed an adaptive program specially for our Special Needs students: Asperger’s, autism, ADHD and many more. Our swim lessons include methods to refine kids’ motor skills, improve attention span, encourage interaction with other students and coaches and enhance their social, physical and emotional development in a safe environment.

Inclusive Environment
Some of the Inclusive culture practices are using student names to call and address people and using inclusive language. Fair opportunity and supportive learning outcomes are guaranteed for all students in this program.
Therapeutic Exercise
Designed to help a child learn more than just water play, the program acts as part of their therapy and also helps students improve their behaviour, motor and gross muscle movement, focus and attention through a variety of different equipment and teaching methods.
Encouraging Process
Following a positive education belief that every child can be trained to learn a new skill, Our lessons are modified to suit each individual child. The child is only competing with themselves.
Our gentle teaching manner caters to each child individually and helps them learn at their own comfortable pace.

Program Fee

1 Class
As low as RM170
10 Classes
As low as RM1600
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